Elco is a leading master distributor of high quality innovative products designed for the air conditioning, refrigeration, and appliance parts industries. Headquartered in San Diego, California, we serve both the original equipment manufacturers and the wholesale industry. Elco offers a full spectrum of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors from the Kulthorn Group of Companies.


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Elco is the Exclusive Master Distributor for Kulthorn products. We provide a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors and refrigeration condensing units at competitive pricing in our industry.

Elco offers a variety of direct-replacement refrigeration and air conditioning products, and this is why we are confident that we can provide you with your perfect compressor. Whether you’re looking for light duty or commercial duty, our products can help you serve specific applications, such as bottling, food service, vending, household appliances, and Air conditioning. In addition, we will continue to provide you with technical support, illustrations, cross references, and performance data to ensure that your selection is the best for your needs.

Substance Over Status

With thousands of products in our facilities, we seek to proactively advance our product offering in response to purchasing shifts and trends of the market. In every interaction with our clients, we take confidentiality and service very seriously. From our sales representatives to our customer service representatives, care is taken to build and nurture our relationship with our clients, to make it easy for you to work with us. Our sustained success is due to our ability to listen to clients and meet their expectations

15,000 + Compressors
109 Models
50 Years Experience
  • “Since we've began our relationship, Elco Refrigeration Solutions has become an invaluable business partner for our company. The members of their team are both courteous and knowledgeable and always provide prompt and professional support for our every need, whether it's placing an order or answering any technical questions we have. Their wide variety of high quality products make them an asset to anyone seeking air conditioning and refrigeration supplies and/or equipment.”

    Jordan - 3D HVAC

  • “When Dean (Rafiee) and Mike (Moore) came in to introduce me to Elco. I was not sure if it was something I would want to bring in. I still remember it was late in the afternoon and I had had a very long day. To be honest you guys looked like you had had a long day as well. Still remember we stayed after closing going over the Kulthorn compressors and how you would work with me. Once they showed me what you where doing and what they would do for my company I thought what the heck. Order a few in, worse case sell some to the apartments if they do not like them switch back to my other supplier of compressors. Not only have I had little to no complaints, any issues we have had where taken care the moment I let Dean (Rafiee) know my issue. If all my suppliers would work as hard and stand behind their product like Dean has, then I would never have an issue trying new items. They have worked so well for our company in all aspects it has been a pleasure carrying Kulthorn compressors. It is easy for my counter salesmen to sale and the customers have started to ask for them when they have a compressor job. Mike (Moore) thanks for bringing Dean (Rafiee) in that day. Dean (Rafiee) thanks for being a man of your word.”

    Greg Strickland - HVAC Sales & Supply

  • “Kulthorn has been a supplier of compressors for our company for the past few years. They offer a quality product at a competitive price with excellent customer service. We recommend these compressors to any air conditioning and refrigeration distributors.”

    Powell Ennis

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Kulthorn Kirby Public Co.

Kulthorn Kirby Public Company Limited is the manufacturer and seller of motor compressor, reciprocating type for refrigeration products i.e. refrigerators, freezers, water coolers, commercial refrigerators, and air conditioners.http://www.elcors.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Kulthorn-Catalog.pdf


Kulthorn Premier Company Limited

Kulthorn Premier Co., Ltd. was established in July 2004 as a joint venture with the Premier Group to produce reciprocating compressors under license from Sanyo, Japan.

Kulthorn Electric

Manufactured under technology and know-how of U.S. standards. Shaded pole and permanent split capacitor motors for fan coil and condensing unit applications from 4 watts to 500 watts.



Refrigeration condensing units in R134a and R290. The highest and most reliable refrigeration-condensing units in the market.


Manufacturer partners

Elco offers high quality refrigeration and air conditioning compressors and condensing units as well as energy efficient fans and drives from trusted manufacturing partners. We have a variety of products to serve both the OEM and aftermarket industries. Please click on one of our Partners below to view more information.

For more than 35 years, Kulthorn has been one of the largest manufacturers of compressors in the world.

High efficiency refrigeration condensing units in R290, R134a, and R404a options.

World standard quality motors for the aftermarket and OEM industry.

Electronically Communicated energy efficient fans and drives for the OEM market.

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